What Are The Best Dish Latino Packages?


dish latinoAs future generations settle into a more bilingual lifestyle, it makes sense that television offering should follow suit.

With more and more channels and programs being offered in Spanish, you may be wondering what the best Dish Latino packages may be.

We’ll be honest: there are a lot of options out there. Figuring out the best programming option for your budget is the biggest challenge.

That’s where we come in! We’ve got the 4 best Latino offerings on Dish Network!

The best Dish Latino packages

Latino Dos

We’re starting our list of Dish Latino packages off strong with Latino Dos.

This package is a Latino powerhouse, offering viewers over 225 channels for the low price of $54.99 a month. That price is guaranteed for 2 years, and it’s regularly priced at $69.99 per month.

Latino Dos gives viewers access to the essentials, like CNN, NBC, and ABC. However, viewers will also get rarer offerings such as the DIY Network, the Sundance Channel, and the Golf Channel.

The bottom line is that you’ll never have a problem figuring out what to watch with this loaded package. There are so many offerings that it’s impossible to go through them all, which can keep you entertained forever.

Latino Clasico

Latino Clasico is another strong offering. It gives viewers access to over 180 channels, and the great news is the price!

Almost 200 channels for $30.00 a month for 2 years? That’s almost enough to get us to sign right here. Keep in mind that that price is guaranteed for 2 years only, meaning that it will go up to the regular price of $47.99 per month.

Latino Classico will give you the chance to catch AMC, Spike, Fuse, Cartoon Network, and more – all in Spanish.

Latino Plus

Latino Plus is the only offering on this list that offers the vast majority of its programming solely in Spanish. While all of these packages are geared for Spanish-speakers, most of them have dual-offerings in English.

Latino Plus gives you all the Spanish joy of Latino Clasico while also providing 10 channels in English.

For $35.99 a month for 2 years ($52.99 regularly), you’ll gain access to channels such as OWN, the NFL Network, Animal Planet, BBC America, and VH1. You’ll also be able to watch the essentials such as USA, CNN, and much more.

Latino Max

If you’re looking for the ultimate in Latino entertainment, Latino Max may just be the offering for you.

It’s the most expensive of the packages, offered for 2 years at $64.99 a month. Regularly, it’s $81.99 a month.

However, for that price, you get access to over 190 channels. Your selection will include key players like ABC and CNN, along with Syfy, QVC, and ESPN. Additionally, over 40 of those are presented in HD!

You also have the chance to watch your shows in either English or Spanish, so there’s no need to choose.


There’s a Latino Dish package out there for all budgets and all programming desires. Keep in mind that most of these are also offered in English, so if you’re looking for strictly Spanish, you’ll want to pick an option that coincides with that.

The bottom line is, there’s no shortage of Latino programming out there, and we can only expect those offerings to grow in the future.

If you have questions regarding the best Latino packages for you, feel free to contact us!