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The Benefits Of Dish TV

  It’s an exciting time to be a television fan right now. We’re currently in the era of “Peak TV,” which means there are more than 400 original TV series airing at the moment. With so many options to choose from, consumers want the best television service available so that they can watch their favorite … Continued

DISH Latino packages

What Are The Best Dish Latino Packages?

  As future generations settle into a more bilingual lifestyle, it makes sense that television offering should follow suit. With more and more channels and programs being offered in Spanish, you may be wondering what the best Dish Latino packages may be. We’ll be honest: there are a lot of options out there. Figuring out … Continued

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Why Dish Sling TV Internet Service Is The Best

                                    The Dish Sling TV service is a game-changer. It provides access to live television without the expensive contracts or being locked to their main viewing area. I’ve been using this service for over 6 months and can … Continued

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5 Things People Love About Dish Network

5 Things People Love About Dish Network What People Love About Dish Network There’s a bunch of reasons why so many people choose Dish network. Click here to discover the 5 things people love about Dish network! Keyword(s): dish network Your choice of movies at one press of a button… Hundreds of channels… It’s safe … Continued

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Dish Network Service Offerings: What is Dish Network About?

Are you ready to cut the cable cord?  You wouldn’t be the only one. A lot of people have started to back away from using traditional cable company services. It isn’t that people are tired of watching television. If anything people are watching more shows than ever. It’s that they’re tired of paying a lot … Continued

TV Goes Social

Have you ever noticed how much time you spend on your cellphone or tablet while watching some of your favorite shows? Check out this infographic to see how people around the world are utilizing their cellphones and tablets for social media during their favorite shows! Then, use your tablet to watch DISH with DISH Anywhere! … Continued

When did that happen?

Have you ever been thinking about when something happened on television, but you can’t quite remember the year? Well look no further! This infographic covers a great amount of interesting “firsts” for televsion! Check this out and then go back to watching your favorite tv show with DISH!

Are your favorite characters influencing your career choice?

Does your favorite tv show influence what you want to do for a career? Have you ever been watching and just think to yourself, “I could really do this”? Check out this infographic to see what career options you could choose to live a life similar to your favorite character! Then continue watching with DISH!

Facts you didn’t know about Seinfeld

Were you a Seinfeld superfan? Do you still get excited when repeat episodes are playing on tv? Check out these interesting facts about Seinfeld that even some of the BIGGEST superfans never knew!

What do they make?

Have you ever been watching your favorite show and wondering what your favorite character makes based off of their career? Check out this interesting infographic that tells you how much some of our most favorite television characters make! Then go catch up on some Grey’s Anatomy or NCIS with DISH On Demand!