Why Dish Sling TV Internet Service Is The Best

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The Dish Sling TV service is a game-changer.

It provides access to live television without the expensive contracts or being locked to their main viewing area.

I’ve been using this service for over 6 months and can say it’s one of the better decisions I’ve made for streaming services.

I have the usual:

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • P2P sites

But there was something different about Dish Sling TV. Something that sucked me in immediately and had me using it more than the others.

Why Dish Sling TV is Awesome

Lately, I’ve been posted outside with a folding desk, computer, phone, and tablet so I can do my work and relax (since the weather is so nice).

I can’t stand sitting in the living room (or bedroom) watching TV anymore.

I’m a busy-body.

I like to do my work outside, keep up with chores, run to the store, go out with friends, and be in new environments… but I also love keeping up with my favorite shows when they premiere so I can talk about them online.

Dish Sling TV does it for me:

  • No Contract – I already pay a ton for basic Internet services. I didn’t want hundreds of channels I wouldn’t use. Sling gives you a smaller, tight selection of live channels without the contract. There have been a few times when I held off on resubbing because I was busy — it saved me money when otherwise I would have been sent a bill.
  • Portability – I use Sling on a variety of devices. Phone, tablet, and desktop. I like the phone option the best. I can tune into a movie or live news while waiting at the doctor’s office, between periods of a game, or if, as I said, I want to relax outside or if I’m at the park.
  • Curation – The hundreds of channels found in normal packages bother me because it’s a lot of filler. With Sling, no filler. Sling has many (like Vice, El Rey, and TCM) that hit the mark and makes me binge. They’re always playing great shows/movies plus with the VOD feature I can catch up on any show I’m getting into with their backlog.

Okay, enough gushing. Let’s get into…

The Extra Details of Dish Sling TV

There are aspects of Sling that had me hooked the moment I tried the trial:

  • Price – A basic $20 (with that no contract) made it affordable compared to the basic packages offered by Comcast and CenturyLink in my area.
  • Reliability – The service dipped in and out when I first started but now it’s immaculate. I haven’t had major drops in months. They’ve done a great job at improving the service. It runs flawlessly on my phone when I’m connected to 4G too!
  • Compatibility – I’ve been able to use it with the Roku hooked to the TV, through Chromecast and its app, and the UI is super simple to use.

All-in-all, Sling is highly recommended to my family and friends. It gives you the basics. This pairs perfectly with other streaming services especially if you’re on the go and want to keep up with live TV.

What are your thoughts and experience with Sling?

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