DISH Discount for Teachers

DISH offers discounts to teachers

Our educators are the true superheroes. To thank you, we want to offer special discounts for teachers. Get DISH TV and Internet extras you’ll love.!

What is Included in the DISH Teachers Offer?

190+ Channels on DISH

Dish Packages Start at 190 Channels


Enjoy Free On Demand Movies & TV Channels

FREE Installation

New Customers Enjoy Free Install, Up to 6 Rooms

30 Premium Channels

Get 30 Free Premium Channels for 3 Months

Dish HD Channels

Enjoy Free HD Channels with DISH

Live Stream TV

Stream Live TV with the DISH Anywhere App

Get the Best DISH Offers for Teachers

Get The DISH Heartland Pack (a $144 value)

DISH wants you to relax and enjoy wholesome, family-friendly TV programming for you and your loved ones. Healthcare workers can now get access to an exclusive collection of channels at no cost to you, including Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, OWN, Discovery Family, and more.
DIsh educator discount for teachers | Dish Discount Offer
DISH Network Deals and Specials for TV and Internet

Stream Live TV Wherever You Go with the DISH Anywhere® App

We understand you’re on the go and we believe you should never miss your favorite shows. Watch live and On-Demand TV anywhere with your upgrade to the Dish Anywhere App. When you get a break, DISH Network will be there.

Teachers Get A Free Dish On-Demand Movie Rental Each Month

Choose from 20,000 new Hollywood releases and classics or from DISH’s over 80,000 total On-Demand titles. With this offer, your first On Demand movie rental each month is free! Finally, you can unwind from your home, mobile device, laptop, or tablet.
DISH America's Top 250 Channel Package | Dish Network
Healthcare Professionals Discount for DISH Network

DISH is Offering Teachers a 2-Year TV Price Guarantee

Teachers don’t have time to worry about price increases. That’s why DISH is offering a two-year TV price guarantee for all our selfless healthcare heroes and their families. No hidden fees or HD fees.

Compare DISH Network Packages


America's Top 120



per month

  • 2-Year Price Guarantee
  • Smart HD DVR included
  • Voice Remote
  • Family Friendly Programming, News
  • Local Channel Included
  • Over 28,000 free On Demand titles

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America's Top 120+



per month

  •  2-Year Price Guarantee
  • Smart HD DVR included
  • Voice Remote
  • News, Movies, Family TV, Sports
  • Local Channel Included
  • Over 28,000 free On Demand titles

Call 1 (800) 950-7100 >

America's Top 250



per month

  • 2-Year Price Guarantee
  • Smart HD DVR included
  • Voice Remote
  • HD Channels, Movies, Sports, Family TV
  • Local Channel Included
  • Over 36,000 On Demand titles
  • $300 Gift Card Offer

Dish Network gift card $200

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FAQs on the DISH Discount for Educators:

What is Included in the Dish Heartland Package?

The Dish Heartland Package includes Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, OWN, PixL, Baby TV, RFD TV, Rural TV, GSN, Discovery Family Channel, UP, and Ride TV.

Will My Monthly Bill Price Increase?

Your package prices won’t increase for 3 years! This price guarantee is only valid for a limited time, so sign up now and start saving on Dish TV and Internet!

Will the Dish Anywhere App work on my phone?

Yes! We know how important it is to relax when you can during long shifts. That’s why Dish is offering healthcare workers free Dish Anywhere. Watch your favorite shows and movies on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Does the Teacher Offer Work for My Family Members?

As long as you’re all on one bill, your entire household can enjoy this special offer from Dish!

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