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Record Up To 16 Shows with the DISH Hopper 3

The DISH Hopper 3 DVR gives you the power to watch and record 16 shows at once or watch 4 sport events at the same time.

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TV Is Better With The DISH Hopper 3

The DISH Hopper 3 DVR is the world’s top whole-home DVR with features the whole family can enjoy. Get the Hopper and you’ll get DVR features in every room of the house, plus up to 2,000 hours of content storage. TV is better with DISH and the Hopper 3.

Get 4k Resolution & Netflix on the New Hopper 3

The new 4k Hopper 3 is also equipped with state-of-the-art features including a remote finder, voice remote powered by Google Assistant, and built-in access to your favorite streaming apps and subscriptions like Netflix and YouTube. Just one more reason why DISH Network is America’s best satellite TV provider!

Hopper 3 Features Transform How You Watch TV

  • Skip Prime-time Commercials + built-in 4k ultra HD resolution
  • 3D Compatible + WATCH 6 TV Channels at once
  • Control your DVR with voice remote with Google Assistant or your Amazon Alexa
  • Watch DVR recordings from any room in the house
  • Built-in YouTube and integrated Netflix search

Get Professional Hopper Set Up and Promgramming from A DISH Technician

New customers who upgrade to the DISH Hopper 3 will get professional in-home setup and programming. Your dish technician will help you sync your remote, program your Hopper 3, and teach you how to use the voice remote feature. No need to struggle with technical manuals with DISH.
DISH Network Senior Discount Includes Yearly Technician Assistance | DISH Senior Special Offer
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Upgrade To The DISH Hopper 3 And You Also Get


FREE Voice Remote

Control TV w/Your Voice

Stream Built-In Apps

Access Netflix from Your Hopper*

Bluetooth Connectivity

Easily pair your smart devices

Google Voice Control TV Remote from DISH Network

Experience DISH TV With The Hopper 3 Remote + Google Assistant Voice Control.

DISH TV + Google Assistant Remote
DISH + Amazon Alexa Echo Dot | Dish Network Alexa

New Customers who sign up to DISH and upgrade to the Hopper 3 will get a free voice remote with Google Assistant. You can also connect your remote to your Google Home Mini or Amazon Alexa device for extended voice control and channel surfing.

Enjoy Recorded Shows From Anywhere in The House with The Hopper 3


Hopper 3 Remote with Google Assistant Voice control

DISH Hopper 3 Remote

Voice Activated Channel Search and Remote Finder

Does the DISH Hopper DVR have 4k?

4K Resolution Support

Finally enjoy HD and 4K resolution on your 4K TV

DISH Hopper 3 DVR | Dish Network Hopper

The Slimmest Hopper DVR Design

The Hopper 3 Takes Up Less Space with a Slimmer Design

America's Top 200 Channels List includes Free HD and Premium movie channels like Sharz, HBO

Up To 2,000 Hours of Storage

Record More Movies, Sports, and Shows To Enjoy

Dish Voice Remote with Google and Alexa | Dish Network Remote

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